Special Education Management

Our management system for Special Education allows educators and administrators to generate all required paperwork from the initial Referral and eligibility determination, through the IEP, transition planning, and dismissal.

With the click of a button, Administrators can generate all required state and federal reports, as well as several internal reports that assist the special education administrator in making staffing and planning decisions.

Main Menu screen for building-level staff

Users navigate by first clicking on a student’s name (covered with x’s here for confidentiality), then clicking the “Go To…” tab. A pop-up menu, uh, pops up! Users click on a row to go to the selected data-entry screen.

Pop-up menu

Data-entry is automated wherever feasible; users select values from pop-up menus or check-boxes; any value that can be calculated for the user (Age, for example) is.

Data entry screen, Summary of Services Matrix data entry screen

In North Kitsap (WA) School District’s system, Goals and Objectives are selected from the Washington state EALR’s (Essential Academic Learning Requirements), Grade-Level Targets, and Benchmarks.

Goals and Objectives form

Elementary Report Card: Service Providers may print a trimester report card that includes evaluations for Indicators of Success, progress toward achievement of student IEP goals, and teacher comments.

Elementary Report Card

Error-checking function: Before printing a form, users may click the “Error Check” button. If there are any errors, the user is directed to a screen that shows each error, along with a button to navigate instantly to the field that contains the error.

If a user prints a form that contains an error, that form prints in “Draft Mode” only: the word “DRAFT” appears in large, grey letters on each page.

Error Check, Errors Screen

The following link is the screen from which district-office personnel select reports to view and/or print. Reporting, like every other component of this system, may be customized to meet each district’s unique needs.

View/print reports screen